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Innovative products for the protection of buildings

SiliciO2 offers unique products based on silicate technology with exceptional properties.

SiliciO2 has itself the task of presenting its customers with innovative products for building protection, as well as individual, and unique solutions.

From innovative silicate floor systems to highly acid-resistant and fire-resistant mortars, SiliciO2 offers a comprehensive range of products for building protection.

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The turbo for floor renovation

Do you wish to refurbish even heavily damaged industrial floors over the weekend?
What previously seemed impossible is now becoming a reality. Be it a factory hall or a salesroom, a parking garage, or many other surfaces: SiliciO2 solves problems on the construction site where conventional cement and epoxy resin products do not achieve the desired result.

Self-leveling and environmentally friendly

SiliciO2 flooring systems are an innovative substitute for cement and are based on harmless, solvent-free components that do not require labeling. This means that the leveling compound can even be used in the food processing industry without the need for additional protective measures. SiliciO2 thus offers a future-oriented alternative to petroleum-based and two-component industrial flooring.

hours after installation walkable

Degrees Heat Resistance

Current problems of competitors

  • The renovation is time consuming and expensive
  • Insufficient hardness / protection of the floor, even in new buildings
  • No protection of concrete against acid etc.
  • Work stoppage / loss of revenue during renovation
  • Problems with hygiene / (cement) joints

  • Floor is not waterproof / not open to diffusion

  • No longevity
  • Existing products are highly polluting and hazardous to health

Advantages of the SiliciO2 floor system

New construction

  • Quick and easy processing
  • Extremely hard and durable protection of the concrete / screed
  • Thin layer with thicknesses of 2 – 50 mm
  • Product is individually adaptable to the individual requirements of the area
  • Fast drying and can be walked on within 7 hours
  • Strong surface hardness due to silicate technology

In the renovation / repair of industrial floors

  • No costly complete renovation is necessary as the products can be applied on existing subsurface/substrates

  • Different substrates / speed
  • adheres in thin layer thicknesses to almost all existing substrates, adheres to concrete, screed, metal, and wood.
  • Fast application, little or no work stoppage or loss of revenue (renovation is possible during operation)

  • Unbeatable hardness
  • Protection against acid etc.
  • Hygienic, dust-free, waterproof and abrasion resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, mineral-based, and low emission
  • Environmentally friendly, since it is cement-free

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SiliciO2 Products


The SiliciO2 industrial flooring system includes a protective undercoat that not only keeps pollutants away from the substrate, but also bonds with the substrate to form a chemically resistant, stable matrix.

Leveling compound

The self-leveling, low-emission SiliciO2 industrial floor coating is then applied to the substrate in a layer thickness of 2 to 50 mm. It hardens without cracks or shrinkage and offers high abrasion resistance.


Perfect protection is provided by the abrasion-resistant sealer, which is tailored to the specific application. It offers high slip resistance, allows water vapor diffusion, and at the same time prevents the penetration of liquids and dirt.

Additional products

Suitable special products for individual applications.

In the fast lane with SiliciO2

SiliciO2 is a self-leveling silicate-based industrial floor coating with outstanding properties and advantages:

  • Unbeatable time and thus cost savings: can
    be accessible after just 6 hours
  • Fast setting and low stress
  • Extremely robust, high abrasion resistance,
    fire resistant up to 700°C
  • Waterproof up to 2.5 bar, salt-water
    resistant, high chemical resistance
    (pH 3 — 14)
  • Meets the requirements for conductivity
    according to DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • Extremely low emission, free of solvents and
    volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Open to water vapor diffusion
  • Mineral
  • Eco-binder technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Applicable in layer thicknesses from
    2 – 50 mm
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Slip resistance R10/R13
  • Compressive strength of approx. >50 N/mm²
  • Flexural strength of approx. >10 N/mm²

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Resilient, durable, aesthetic – SiliciO2

SiliciO2 meets the highest demands in terms of appearance and functionality. The environmentally friendly flooring technology is just as suitable for new construction as it is for renovations and construction work in existing buildings.
We would be happy to give you advices in this regard.

How quickly does SiliciO2 harden?

Users of SiliciO2 are enthusiastic:
The floor can be walked on after only 6 hours and is fully loadable after 4 days (outdoor area 7 days) , so it can be applied over the weekend practically without any service interruption.

What are the advantages of the quick hardening time?

Floor renovation, which was otherwise very time-consuming and costly, can now be carried out in no time at all. Costly machine downtimes, production stoppages and loss of use of the renovated rooms can thus be reduced to a minimum. And that translates into significant savings for your company.

In what thickness can SiliciO2 be installed?

Depending on the requirements of the substrate, the product can be installed in layer thicknesses of 2 to 50 mm – and without cracking. At the same time, it meets the strictest requirements for low-emission building products. At the same time, it meets the strictest requirements for low-emission building products.

For which substrates is SiliciO2 suitable?

SiliciO2 is versatile. It can be applied to fresh concrete after just one day; it can be applied to anhydrite and magnesia screeds, and can also be applied directly to epoxy resin surfaces without having to remove the epoxy first.


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